blonde ambition

The first time I dyed my hair was in 2012. I have naturally dark brown hair and decided to try out the oh-so-popular ombré effect that has transformed from a quick DIY fad to a long-term trend seen on  glamorous celebs and street style kids alike. The first effect was very dramatic with little gradation and I have now embraced a more sophisticated and subtle ombré with warmer tones and blonder shades. The inspiration? Some combination of Lauren Conrad circa seasons 2-4 of The Hills,  a touch of

wow I wish I were Blake Lively right now

and a smidge of Lana Del Rey. The finished product? All kinds of awesome.

Photos by Taylor



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Outfit Details



Free People

, Bra:

Free People

, Shorts: BDG (


), Bag:

Free People

, Bracelet:

Forever 21

, Necklace: Brooklyn Charm (


), Boots:

Dolce Vita