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For those of you who check in with me every now and then, you may recall that a few weeks ago I did a post called "Greater Than Art"where I tried to call attention to one of the biggest issues people have with Fashion Week. In essence, Ruth La Ferla wrote an article last year about bloggers who got all decked out and paraded around the tents in something certainly attention-grabbing though not necessarily fashion-forward in an attempt to be photographed by maybe the right person. Basically she was calling out the wannabes. And yes, I did go down the tents, gawk at some of the shoes, overhear  BryanBoy scream out the brands he was wearing to people who were two feet away from him, and take a few photos myself. But I did it in jeans, a t-shirt and my trusty black boots (details in previous post) and I'm 100% okay with that. In my purist mentality, Fashion Week is about a collection of the world's most enthusiastic and talented minds of the industry coming to the same city for a few days and you can judge me, but I couldn't resist that idea.

Meet my roommate Maddy! Is she not killing it in her (okay it's mine lol) acid wash denim jacket?


Back to back wedge action 

Met up with some fellow bloggers. Here's Aimee Song from

and Rachel Lynch of

And on a different note, here are some pics from the Passion Pit concert from Saturday night. Imagine a stage on the edge of the city with a beautiful sunset and a perfect view of FiDi and that sums up my night. I totally would have taken more photos had a wave of blackness not taken the remaining strands sun away before I could even blink. 

The girl in the middle makes these flower crowns! We traded business cards. Follow her @heartshapehotel or check out

These guys seriously killed it live. Michael Angelakos has a sick voice.

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