Keep Calm and Chiffon x Midnight Marauders

For any of you who have been thrifting you know that it's not a simple process. I usually go in with a few hours to dig around through boxes, and search for my size while checking for stains or rips along the way. I always have a bottle of water and hand sanitizer waiting for me in the car and I absolutely consider it my workout for that day. (Treasure hunting can be more strenuous than you think.) And by the time I get my findings home, sometimes I'll cut them or bleach them or rip them to refresh them and make them my own. It could be a day-long process. Maybe longer.

 Now imagine if someone did all of that for you.

I know.

 Prepare to worship me.

Lights up on

Midnight Marauders

, an online thrift store that rounds up and revives the best vintage finds so that you don't have to. They're online so you can shop from anywhere

and have a variety of sizes and styles in both men's and women's clothing! You're welcome.

Outfit Details:

Lace Top: My mom's from the 70's lol (

similar here

Shorts: Midnight Marauders


Moccasins: Minnetonka

, Rings:

Brandy Melville


Gypsy Warrior

Thank you to Amira for reaching out to me for this collaboration (and for the discount)!!

yours after midnight,

Keep Calm and Chiffon