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And just like that, I'm in my last week of freshman year. Insanity is an understatement, reality is an overstatement. Although it seems impossible, nine months ago I was packing up my life to come here. And now I'm digging around for bags trying to figure out how to transport the contents of my 13' by 9' double room back home in preparation for the four months of sunshine, urban adventures and hard work that await me in the summer. That being said, it's finals week and I haven't had time to even breathe for a second, never mind create a mind-blowing post for you guys. But here's an excerpt from my final media paper. (about fashion blogging!!! How my professor let me write about that I don't know but how awesome is that?) 

(Source: NY Times)

"Bloggers are slowly but surely becoming a reliable, of-the-moment source of information, not just for fashion but also for hundreds of different topics. The way the current generation consumes media is turning out to be very different than expected because the pace is so fast it is almost immediate. As Eric Wilson (2009) points out, “Blogs are posting images and reviews of collections before the last model exits the runway, while magazine editors are still jockeying to feature those clothes in issues that will be published months later.” (Wilson, 2009) Blogs have made remarkable strides in gaining both readership and higher profiles. They are not just Internet banter. In fact, they are shaping the industry. They are creating an interesting shift in publication because blogs and websites have videos and pictures up of collections as they are happening whereas magazines typically run on a schedule that displays collections several months after their reveal. This ignites the idea of identifying where bloggers fit in this world and in this media revolution. The way things are going, the term 'expert' may need to be reexamined, attributing the name to knowledge instead of just experience."

Also, since I didn't give you guys a post this week, click through to my friend Sabrina's blog and get lost in heart-shaped sunglasses, high low skirts and strappy sandals. 

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