This week has been crazy. Not in the overloaded with work sense, or the crazy party sense, although those are the two most typically associated with the college mindset. Just in the sense that there's been a lot of extraneous thinking, a handful of mind-blowing concepts, and much more Hemingway. So since this craziness has clearly impeded my ability to create an original, thought-provoking post and since I'm in a Media & Society mindset after class today, here are some of my most recent Instagram posts. And just to note, although I do not personally have a Facebook account, you can like my Facebook page and get updates on new posts and new developments on the blog. See below for links to all of my social media accounts as well. 

A photo shoot from 2011 with Anna Karpman

Starbucks saves the day. Every day. 

Detail shot from the last post 

Weekend art project; painting t-shirts 

A painting in the MoMA

A vintage piece from a thrift store

Process art from a Gutai gallery 

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Keep Calm and Chiffon

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