MoMA deconstructed

the greatest thing about new york has to be the people. the fact that i stopped strangers in the MoMA and asked them if they'd be willing to help out with a shoot and they had no problem lending a hand just makes me love it more than i already do. and the other amazing thing about the city is that strangers aren't as "strange" as you may think. after i asked a girl named sarah to take pictures for me, half an hour later i got a text from my friend brian saying his friend sarah facebook messaged him and said she just took pictures for me. six degrees of separation anyone? i know. crazy, right? it also makes me seriously wonder how long those pieces would have taken to put together without the aid of our trusty and constantly present companion, technology. in addition to the fashion shots, i included some of my can't-miss works from the museum. i could spend all day in there, but it closes at 5:30 on saturdays.

 Flag by Jasper Johns 

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon by Pablo Picasso 

 Number 1A by Jackson Pollock 

Outfit Details: Top: TopShop, Leggings: Gypsy Warrior, Cross Cuff: Forever 21, Socks, Free People Shoes: Jeffery Campbell

Photography Credits:
In front of Mouth 7 by Tom Wesselman: Sarah
In front of MoMA entrance: Colin
Photos of artwork: Yours truly 

Conceptually, minimalistically, and popularly yours,
Keep Calm and Chiffon 

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