all of the lights

So since it's the season of forgiveness, I'm assuming that you all forgive me for falling off the map for ten days. Kay? Kay. But I've had the best break so far- I've spent the past few weeks just seeing and catching up with friends over some gingerbread lattes, laughing so hard that I fell off of my chair, and sharing moments in the falling, glittering snow. It's the time of year when every time my friends walk in they comment on how delicious it smells and every inch of the house is sprinkled with Christmas decor.  And let's be honest- nothing will warm a girl's heart more...than a new pair of Jeffery's (even with the cutouts!) <3

Outfit Details: Dress: Gypsy Warrior, Necklace: Express, Bracelet: Brandy Melville, Rings: Gypsy Warrior, Shoes: Jeffery Campbell 

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope those celebrating had a great day with their families.
Until next time,
Keep Calm and Chiffon 

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