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As already stated several times, I had the time of my life this past weekend at Teen Vogue's Fashion University. Between meeting and attending seminars taught by some of my idols (Rumi Neely, Christian Siriano, Bryan Boy, Grace Coddington, Nicole Richie), to being interviewed by New York Magazine for "The Cut" (again, click here to see my interview with them), to just meeting other people who are like me. People who take the time to plan out what they're wearing and who don't necessarily follow trends, and who believe that fashion is the greatest form of personal expression. 
One of my favorite brands, Brirish-based TopShop, once again hosted the Saturday night festivities at their SoHo store, but this time decided to throw in a blogging opportunity as well! Here are some of my favorite moments, merchandise and miscellaneous snapshots from the event!

The highlight of the party was undoubtedly meeting Andrew Bevan, Style Features Editor for Teen Vogue. I made a choice not to go to design school and he reassured me that attending a liberal arts college would not hurt and could even help me stand out when applying for a job in the industry. He also said that there's something to be said for being a person deeply interested in fashion at a school where the majority of people don't think about it as much. He was such a pleasure to talk to and I gave him my card so, Andrew, if you're reading this, thanks again for everything!

Outfit Details:
Top: Arden B, Leggings: American Apparel, Cuff: H&M , Shoes: Jeffery Campbell, Headband: Gypsy Warrior, Bag: LeSportsac, Jacket: H&M

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