all falled up

Hello fellow fashion-lovers!
Sorry it's been a while. As impossible as this seems, I've already had a midterm and have several coming up in the next few weeks so it's been a little hectic! So, one thing that seems to be a recurring question in everyone's mind is, how on earth do I translate pieces from my summer wardrobe to my autumn one? I mean, if you think about a little white dress, you think about beaches and sunset and showing off a tan. But the great thing about white is that it's a neutral color and when styled well, it can look superbly fall-esque. 
I love cardigans as an option for this transition. The great thing is that if you're working with a solid-colored dress you can be more playful with other things you pair with it. Personally I almost never opt for black and white, but by warming it up with the brown boots and red lipstick it was more fun to play with. The patterning of the cardigan is genius and the seams on the dress are a nice complement. Fall is a time for layering and mixing and experimenting and reinventing 

Samira gets credit for photos this week, love you girl <3

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Staring at Stars
Dress: Free People
Rings: So Good
Boots: Nature Breeze 

Disclaimer: stole the cardigan and boots from Mira because she took my boots for the weekend 

Until next time, 
Keep Calm and Chiffon

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