by Austen Tosone

Hello bloggers! Sorry this post is delayed, I've been at work all weekend! I'm trying to catch up with all of my Italy posts. So here's the latest from Florence.When I saw this dress in the window of Free People, I was immediately drawn to it. I love the colors together and he tribal print quickly worked its way into my heart. I went back and forth about buying the dress three different times. And then one night I dreamed about it. I know. So I went back the next day and bought it. It was meant to be. 

Outfit Details:
Dress: Free People 
Necklace: Express
Bracelets: Florence street market 
Sunglasses: Free People
Shoes: BP Nordstrom
Bag: BP Nordstrom

My friend Lisa and I got to visit the Gucci Museum in Florence which is in Palazzo Vecchio, right by the Uffizzi Gallery. It was awesome. There were 14 different rooms each with a different category such as jewelry, lifestyle, evening, logo and more. 

Florence is one of those cities that is beautiful by day and by night. I love how the duomo and the baptistery feel lit up against the night sky, and the Arno River reflects all of the lights along the bridges. There's usually a great street performer by the Ponte Vecchio. When we were there it was a singer who played the guitar as well. Walking along the Arno at night is like a scene from a movie. 

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