Here’s What Happened When I Let Instagram Pick My Fashion Week Outfit

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Not even two days into New York Fashion Week, I already found myself in a state of exhaustion. Between balancing attending shows and the rest of my work, I have pretty much my whole day scheduled out including when I’ll eat and when I’ll sleep (if I don’t get at least seven hours, trust me I’ll be useless). I got home after a show and wanted to plan out my outfit for the next day so I wasn’t rushing around in the morning. There is nothing worse than trying to make a decision when you have no brain energy, so I decided to delegate that responsibility to people who live to give their opinions: Instagram users. I posted a short video of myself on my stories explaining that I wanted them to help me choose my outfit for fashion week and shared photos of two coat options—so as not to give away the whole look—and I then used Instagram’s handy poll feature to ask my followers if I should wear a furry black and grey jacket with cropped sleeves or if I should opt for a teddy bear style-eggplant colored coat. Here are the results at the time I got dressed:

Coat Choices.png
Poll Results.png

In the end, it was close but I woke up to discover that the black jacket edged out the purple one in the poll. Here is the look that I created with it. I ended up going with a pair of tailored bright red pants and keeping the rest of the look simple with a black cropped sweater, patent ankle boots and my favorite accessory of the moment, the beret. I met a friend for coffee before work and a ran into a co-worker on my way in who were both happy to see I’d gone with the choice they voted for. It was such a fun way to engage with my followers and I definitely love that it took some of the decision-making off off my plate. I should honestly do this more often.

Photographed by Jessie Alcheh | Follow Jessie on Instagram

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