How I Decorated My Brooklyn Apartment

For as long as I can remember, I've dreamed of my first New York City apartment. Dorm rooms didn't count for me (still love you though, Barnard) so even though I've lived in New York now for over three years, I finally have my first real place. Since I ended up subletting from girls I found on Facebook, the beauty of moving in was that most everything was already done. So that just left my room, a space that keeps evolving over time and that I'm thoroughly obsessed with. It's not that big, but it fits me and my friends in my room for Gossip Girl viewing parties and wine nights, so it works for me. Here are some things to keep in mind when you're decorating a new place and how to make a most of a space, especially in New York. 

1. White walls are the way to go. Whenever I first move into a new space, my immediate instinct is to cover the walls in posters and tapestries and wall hangings and anything that will fit. However, that’s a sure way to make your space feel smaller than it is. White or light colored walls keep it bright, which I've pretty much stuck to with the exception of the tapestry over my bed. 

2. Stay organized  and prioritize. I should clearly take my own advice on this because I know my room isn’t always 100% picturesque (not pictured for that reason: bookshelf, dresser, carpet), but the more you can keep your stuff organized, the better. Anything that doesn’t need to be out in your room can be in a storage closet or bathroom.

3. Make use of wall space I know this may sound like it contradicts the first point, but anything you can get off of the ground or the tops of dressers etc. is great-think a necklace rack, sunglasses on a hanger, or hats on the wall. It may even serve as a decoration.

4. Add luxe details. Especially if you're working with a small space, people will be bound to notice them! My grandma’s vintage mirror or my fluffy white stool are great examples of this. Everyone always comments on them, even if they're not the main focus of the room. 

5. Make it yours. Whether it's your favorite smelling candle, or polaroids of friends and family, show off your personality! 

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