4 Candles To Keep Your Apartment Cozy This Winter

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If there’s one thing I can tell you about February, it’s that we are still a long way off from spring—and we got double affirmation from our groundhog friend too, just in case you thought there was some hope left. Every year the cold seems to taunt us and hang around just a little longer than we’d like it to and every year I am totally shocked when I’m still cozied up under blankets at the beginning of April. So since we still have a few months ahead of foreseeable chill, I decided to make my apartment as cozy as humanly possible to survive the coming wintery months. Here are four candles that I’m currently alternating between in my apartment right now, that I hope will make your home feel a little warmer until spring arrives.

Roses candle by Diptyque, $64

While this is absolutely a splurge, to me it’s totally worth it to indulge in a little luxury. This one was actually a Christmas gift but I bought myself my first Diptyque candle for my birthday last year and I couldn’t get over how much I liked it. I got the scent Baies first and it filled my entire bedroom the instant the match hit the wick. If you can, pop by the store on Mott Street in SoHo for a whiff before you drop all that cash on it.

Saijo Persimmon candle by Voluspa, $8

I owe my Voluspa candle obsession to my cousin Erin because I remember her obsession with them transferred to me when I got one from her as a gift that smelled amazing. I saw this Saijo Persimmon one as part of a three-pack of Voluspa candles for sale at Anthropologie before the holidays so I also picked up Macaron and Prosecco Bellini. But something about this one just transported me to France and made me feel like I was wondering a marketplace in the countryside rather than getting up to pour myself a glass of good old NYC tap water.

Salted Grapefruit candle by Paddywax, $11

I picked this up while I was walking around Cobble Hill, Brooklyn with my friend Miranda. I was admittedly first drawn to the adorable concrete jar with the peachy-pink painted detail. I finally lit it the other day in my apartment and was enjoyed a swirling combination of citrus freshness with a whiff of a more savory scent to ground the sweetness. 

Iridescent Volcano candle by Capri Blue, $38

When you’re single in the winter, you’ll probably hear the phrase “cuffing season” more often than you’d like. Instead of dealing with a potentially unreliable (probably male) cuddle buddy, invest in this candle instead, because it will be there to keep you warm through all of the winter months. I love how long it took me to burn through this candle, so if you want to make a one and done purchase, this is the candle you should go for. The scent is fresh and overwhelming in a good way, and even lingers after you blow it out.

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What’s your favorite candle smell?

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