The 16 Most Instagrammable Foods In NYC

What would New York be without it's delicious, wacky, and totally Instagrammable foods and restaurants? As I scroll back through my Instagram over the last few months, I have tried so many awesome foods that look as good as they taste, and I can vouch for them because I have tried them all! You've probably heard of a lot of these already, but I wanted to do a round up of all of the places and what I usually order and maybe I'll introduce you to your new favorite place! Some are places I frequent weekly (The Bagel Store, Forcella, Cha Cha Matcha) while others are perfect just to try once for the experience (read: I won't be buying another $22 prosecco pop drink from Loopy Doopy anytime soon). So, here are some of the most Instagrammable food spots in New York City that I can't help but photograph and that are truly yummy. 

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Unicorn Latte - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Don't let the name fool you, as this is not an actual latte. But venture to The End in Williamsburg and get excited to try a cleansing drink with an algae base, a lemony foamy top, and topped off with vegan sprinkles. 

I wish everyday could start with a unicorn latte ✨🦄☕️

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Rosewater Waffle and The Madame Freda - Soho

Jack's Wife Freda is just begging to appear on an Instagram feed. Everything from the colorful plates to the font on the menu is adorable. Get there early and on a weekday to avoid the crowds. 

Rufus's waffle iron was broken but this was actually better 💁🏼 xoxo

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Ube Soft Serve - Lower East Side

From matcha to Ube, the ice cream possibilities are endless at Soft Swerve. (JK there are four choices.) The hardest decision you'll have to make is whether you want a chocolate or red velvet cone.  

Cereal Milk Soft Serve and Hot Chocolate - Nolita

The first time I tried Milk Bar's Cereal Soft Serve, I totally fell in love. There's something that makes me feel like a kid watching cartoons. Bonus points for crunch, and when it's cold opt for the hot chocolate. 

Hot N Cold 🔥❄️

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Taiyaki - Chinatown

Inspired by the traditional Japanese Taiyaki dessert filled with red bean paste or custard, Taiyaki NYC fills the pastry halfway and tops it with soft serve. Extra garnishes like gummies and and strawberries make these delicious creations really stand out. 

Whoever said "fish are friends not food" never tried Taiyaki 🐠

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Rainbow Bagel - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

It is so dangerous to have The Bagel Store just a few blocks from my apartment! On any weekend morning you guarantee it will be crowded with people who have trekked from far and wide (so like, uptown) to taste a rainbow bagel. If you really want the full impact, ask for funfetti cream cheese.

Found the cure for this dreary, dreary day 🌧🔜🌈

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Matcha and Pink Lemonade Swirl Soft Serve and Matcha Latte - Little Italy

Cha Cha Matcha is one of my favorite interiors in the city. From old cha cha records hanging on the walls to the neon sign in the back, this matcha specialty store always satisfies. I love a matcha latte (hot or iced!) and the soft serve is also delicious. 

Matcha Monday is in full swing 😋🍵

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Margherita Pizza - Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

As you may or may not know from my Snapchat and Instagram my favorite pizza in New York is Forcella La Pizza de Napoli. This artisan pizza is absolutely to die for and is made with warm crust and fresh mozzarella. I swear by this pizza, and you will too.

Relationship status: taken🍕❤️

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Frosé - Bowery

Over the summer Bar Primi, known for its yummy pasta dishes, was flooded with new customers when they started serving frosé. The concoction comes out of a slushie machine and is served in a wine glass with a strawberry garnish. It's definitely a perfect drink for a summer day. 

Cheers to frosé and being basic 🍾💁🏼🍓 #summer #NYC #frosé #weekend

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Prosecco Pops - TriBeCa 

A dream summer evening for me would definitely be watching the sun set over the Hudson while drinking a prosecco pop. The Loopy Doopy rooftop bar is the best place to do this. Pro tip: just do this once for the experience, and then buy cheap prosecco and throw a popsicle in it. 

Cheers to the freakin weekend 😋🍷🌅 #loopydoopy #weekend #newforkcity #nyc

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Acai Bowls - Nolita

I don't always order acai bowls but when I do, they're always bomb. The one at Bocaphe was absolutely delicious, with kiwi, banana, strawberry, blueberry and some seeds to top it off. This is probably one of the few healthy dishes I really enjoy.

The official trendy meal of my day off 🍓🥝🍌🍓🥝🍌

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Avocado Toast and Chai Lattes - Morningside Heights

These are the two things that I consume on a regular basis that I never get tired of. There are obviously tons of places in the city to get a great latte and avo toast, but if you're looking for some that are really good, the trip to Max Caffe is worth it.  

Basic weekend essentials with my fave alpha chai omegas 😋☕️ #axocolumbia #coffee #sunday

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What are your favorite food spots or restaurants in New York City? Let me know in the comments!