7 Can't-Miss Spots In Austin, Texas

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I am so excited to be bringing you a new travel post today! I follow so many awesome bloggers and even though I'm usually following them to see their style and beauty favorites, I also love when they post travel content and share what they did in different places they've been. I find it super interesting and also really helpful, especially if I'm planning any future trips to spots they've already been. So if you've already watched my trip recap video (also linked at the bottom of this post) you got to follow along each day and see all of the spots we went to. Here, I'm highlighting seven of my favorite things that we did on our trip. It's a bit of a mix of sightseeing, art and culture, and of course, the best spots to eat and drink. I hope you find it helpful if you're planning a trip to Austin sometime in the future! 

1. Drinks at the Hotel San Jose

This cute spot on South Congress Avenue was the perfect place to grab a drink poolside. From the cute southwestern decor to the abundant outdoor seating, you won't regret swinging by their adorable terrace. My drink recommendation is any IPA brewed in Austin. 

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2. Ai Weiwei's Forever Bicycles

If you're interested in art (or on a two-hour waitlist for brunch at Banger's!) you'll definitely want to check out Ai Weiwei's installation by Rainey Street. This massive outdoor sculpture sits in front of a picturesque pond, and is also a great place to snap some Insta-worthy photos.

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3. I Love You So Much Mural

This mural with the adorable message "I love you so much" decorates the side of Jo's Coffee on SoCo Avenue and it's so popular that you'll make friends on line hoping to snap photos of each other. 

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4. Brunch at Banger's

As it turns out, everything really is bigger in Texas, and luckily for us, that also applies to brunch. This insane drink you see here is called the Manmosa, otherwise known as a liter of everyone's favorite brunch cocktail made with one entire bottle of champagne. For $15, we'd say it's definitely worth it.

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5. Hope Graffiti Park

If you're a budding artist and you'd like to test out your skills, definitely stop by Hope Graffiti Park. They sell cans of spray paint alongside the outdoor gallery, so no need to go shopping ahead of time. If you want to take any sitting photos, I'd recommend bringing a plastic bag or something to pop a squat on. My dirty black jeans were evidence of this. 


6. Voodoo Doughnut

Do you love doughnuts? Are you a human? Great! You'll definitely have to check out Voodoo Doughnut. We went around breakfast time (expect a bit of a line) but this insane doughnut vendor is open 24/7, so if you find yourself out on 6th street late at night, you can satisfy any munchies that you may have. 

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7. Torchy's Tacos

It's always amazing how something so simple can be so good! These tacos were definitely my favorite food that we had in Texas. There are tons of options and the best part is that they're giant compared to any other taco I've encountered (thanks, New York!) Two will fill you up, but if you want a little something else, order the guac to split with your gal pals. 

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watch the trip vlog here:

Have you ever been to Austin? What was your favorite spot there?