Everything You Need To Know About Glossier's Milky Oil

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Glossier dropped a new product this week and you know what that means! I re-arranged my whole week to pop into the Soho showroom to pick up this newness and test it out so I could share my thoughts with you all. Here’s what I thought about their newest release. Read my other Glossier posts here.


Often, Glossier likes to tease new releases on social media to their audience like that time Beyoncé wore Lidstar to the Grammys’s or when users shared their skincare concerns via DM and the brand shared them on their stories before Solution was announced. But this time around the news of Milky Oil broke in a simple email sent to Glossier subscribers on Tuesday morning. The subject read “Meet Milky Oil” and the email was contained a photo of the product declaring it the ultimate waterproof makeup remover. I placed a pickup order from the Glossier Showroom at 123 Lafayette Street and popped over later that afternoon to pick it up.


In shape, the packaging is actually most similar to their Perfecting Skin Tint (which they recently expanded the shade range for from 5 to 12), but the size is 3.4 fl oz rather than 1 fl oz. I believe they decided to package this at 3.4 fl oz to make it more friendly for travel, much like they did with the Milky Jelly Cleanser and the Soothing Face Mist, which was re-formulated on July 11th of last year. It features a screw off top and you squeeze the bottle to dispense the product onto a cotton round.

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So what exactly is Milky Oil? It’s a waterproof makeup remover that dissolves makeup gently and lifts the product away. I have dry skin that can sometimes be sensitive and I felt like this product was definitely gentle as promised. It can be used on the eyes and lips to wipe away stubborn shadows or glosses. The key ingredients to note are micellar water (that attracts dirt and oil), pro-vitamin B5 (a natural moisturizer), and Comfrey root extract (which heals dry, stressed skin).


This product worked just as advertised on my skin. It was gentle and not greasy, which I love. My only hesitation about it is how small the bottle is for how high the price is (compared to a product like Garnier’s Micellar Water where you get almost three times the product for four dollars less). All in all I like the product, it will just be a matter of how often I re-purchase it considering there are cheaper alternatives that may leave behind a little bit of grease, but ultimately get the job done.


Will you try the latest Glossier drop?

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