half baked

I'll admit I totally used to believe that the half-up hairstyle should be reserved strictly for prom and American Girl Dolls. But every now and then in my inevitable re-watching of Gossip Girl you see Serena rocking that style with some slight messiness and you can't help but want to replicate it. I also love the color my hair is right now- it's kind of that golden ombré thing happening and I'm totally thrilled with how it's growing out. If you guys don't remember my black hair feel free to revisit the post I did last year. After all, every girl has her dark side, regardless of hair color.

Photos by Devon 

Outfit Details: Cardigan: Free People, Top: Free People, Jeans: Free People, Necklace: Free People, Socks: Free  People, Shoes: Hinge, Bag: Big Buddha 

(#sorrynotsorry for all the Freeps. Occupational hazard.)



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