4 Tips For Planning An Awesome NYC Staycation


Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having a great week! This Friday is finally the day that I’M OFF TO THAILAND!!! I am not bringing my laptop with me (gasp!) but I will be bringing my phone and my camera so hopefully you can expect some fun video content at the end of the trip so keep an eye on my YouTube channel, and if you want to follow along while I'm gone I’ll be posting on my Instagram and on Instagram stories as well!

If you just got FOMO from reading that sentence, don’t worry because today’s post is coming at the perfect time. I was recently invited to stay at The Quin in Midtown and so I have decided to create a post with tips on how to plan an NYC staycation! Whether you’ve used up all of your vacation days already or you don’t have the money for a big trip right now, there are ways to escape your routine without going too far. So, here are some helpful tips for planning a staycation in New York (or wherever you are!) to give you the break you deserve.


1. Pick an area of the city outside of your neighborhood

The whole point of a staycation is to feel like you got away, at least a little bit. Hey, in New York every 10 blocks can feel like a totally different neighborhood! I live in Williamsburg so to spend a night in the heart of NYC was definitely a change for me and the area by Central Park South is definitely an area that I don’t get to venture too that often but that can definitely be a fun place to hang out.

2. Decide if you want to staycation solo or bring someone along

If you know that you need some quality time for yourself, then you should definitely not feel guilty about taking some time for yourself away from everything else. If you’re in a sharing mood, it can be fun to bring someone else along. I was nice enough to invite Andrew on my little staycation so he could share in the fun of a night away from normal life.


3. Find a hotel that feels luxurious

The thing that I loved the most about staying at The Quin was how I felt when I was there. It had a sophisticated vibe without being too OTT, and it was clean, modern, and in the center of everything in NYC. Did I mention the white marble bathrooms?? Also, I am a huge fan of contemporary art (I studied art history in college and frequently write about art for my full-time gig) so when I found out about Quin Arts, an interactive program that puts on events, lectures, and exhibitions all about contemporary arts, I was even more excited to stay there.

4. Do at least one activity you don’t get to do that often

Growing up in Northern New Jersey, on special occasions you could bet that you were celebrating at a Hibachi restaurant. So when I saw that The Quin happened to be right next to Benihana I couldn’t resist making that our dinner plan. It was Andrew’s first time at a hibachi restaurant (can you believe it???) and I definitely think I got him on the bandwagon. What’s better than food being cooked right before your eyes and setting onions on fire? Not a lot.

Photography by Andrew Stevens

Watch the vlog of our stay here:

And there you go! Have you ever taken a staycation?

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Special thanks to The Quin for partnering on this post!