7 Of The Best Beauty Travel Hacks


Hey everyone! So as you may remember from my post where I talked about my end of year travel plans, I’m going to Thailand! When I realized how much we're going to be traveling within the country when we’re there, the truth slowly revealed itself: I am going to have to pack for two weeks using just carry-on luggage. *Cue horror film music*

Since we know there are so many rules about traveling with liquids, this obviously makes makeup and skincare hard to pack. So here are some of my best beauty travel hacks...and I really am going to have to take my own advice for this one.

1. Glossier bags

But actually, these are great to bring when you travel. Those Glossier pink-tinted Ziploc bags are great to travel with because the seal top ensures contents won't spill and the bubble wrap packaging provides extra protection and reduces the risk of broken palettes (if this has happened to you, you know it's the literal worst.) 


2. Small plastic bottles from the 99 cent store

We've all seen them: those tiny bottles will in fact save your life when you travel. For the essential liquid products that you can't live without, transfer them to these tiny bottles (travel size is 3.4 oz). You can typically find them at a 99 cent store or drugstore near you. 

3. Sheet masks are your best friend

I'll probably have to take another trip to Mask Bar in the West Village before I head out on this trip because it will take SO long to get there. We all know that on planes, your skin can dry out super easily. Moisturizer is one option, but in order to minimize the liquids you're bringing I suggest throwing a few sheet masks in your bag. You can get them for pretty cheap (check out ones from TonyMoly or Innisfree) and they're a great way to moisturize your skin. Just be prepared for your seat mates to judge you.

4. Bring multi-use products

Get a product like The Multiple by NARS that can be used on your eyes, lips and cheeks or Glossier's Haloscope which you can use to highlight your cheek bones, nose, chin and under your brows. The more you can commit to multi-use products, the fewer products you'll have to bring overall. 

5. find Non-liquid alternatives to your favorite products

Milk Makeup's Matcha Cleanser and Matcha Toner are both great products to bring in lieu of liquid face wash and toner. Especially if you're only bringing a carry-on your liquid load has to be monitored closely, so try to find products that can replace those that you'd normally use. 


6. Share liquids with other travelers

If you're traveling with another person, see if they can bring the shampoo and you bring the body wash. The more you can share things that you'll both use when you're away, the less you both have to bring along! 

7. Just bring less

Honestly, I'm going to be on vacation, so aside from my skincare routine which I am going to try to stick to as much as I can, I won't be wearing as much makeup when I'm there. The trip is way more about the trip than it is about making sure you look absolutely perfect. 

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What are your best beauty travel hacks?