9 Tips for Selling on Poshmark in 2019

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Do you want to make money selling your clothes on Poshmark? I have been on Poshmark for a long time but have only been stepping up my Poshmark game in the last year or so. I’ve made over $500 selling my clothes on Poshmark and I know there’s potential to make even more money from doing this. I love Poshmark because it allows me to give my clothing a second home and it’s a great sustainable way to recycle clothing. It’s so easy to sign up and free to download. I’ve been able to figure out some things that have helped me get sales and get 5-star ratings from my customers and grow my following on the app to over 3,500 people. Here are my 9 best tips for selling on Poshmark.

Share your items every day

Self-promotion is a must on Poshmark, even if it feels odd. Sharing your listings every day is a great way to make sure your followers see them. Be sure you’re also sharing to any parties that might be happening if you have items that are a fit (ex: sometimes they’ll do a Free People, Urban, Anthropologie party or a cozy sweaters party.)

Share the items of other Posher’s

One of the best ways to get new accounts to follow you is by showing them some love! Share the items of new and pro Poshers so that they see that you’re helping get their items in front of your own audience as well. To become a Posh Ambassador on the app you need to share at least 50 new accounts and share at least 5,000 other items so don’t hold back from hitting that share button!

Price your items at a discount between at least 40-60%

The items that have sold most successfully for me are items with a really big discount. I honestly will usually go for a 75% discount but it should be listed at at least 40% off the original list price if you want people to pay attention to it, unless it’s a designer item. Most of my items are priced between $10-$20. If your biggest priority is getting a return on you initial investment you can price a little higher but my biggest priority is to at least make something back on the item and then ship it because it’s taking up precious closet space in NYC!

Include brand names in the title of the item

Listing brand names in the first few words of the title is a great way to catch a buyer’s attention. A buyer will have much more familiarity with Madewell or Topshop than they have with you so by including the name in the title they start thinking about what they know about the brand (hopefully quality, cute trendy pieces, cozy basics, etc.) and that will encourage them to at least click and learn more.

Be very specific about condition and measurements

The only questions I’ve ever gotten on items are about these two things, so save yourself the time and save the buyer’s their uncertainty and provide as many details as you can about inseam, bust size, and how many times the item has been worn and if there are any imperfections to note. You can also select Poshmark’s NWT feature if you list an unworn item that still has the tags on it and these items are even more likely to get sold.

Shoot in bright light and provide multiple images

Most of my Poshmark listings have three photos: one front-facing shot of the item on a hanger, one close up of a detail like a cuffed hem or the fabric type, and one photo of the tag to show what brand it actually is. You can also provide an image of you wearing it, but the more that a buyer has to look at the more likely they’ll be to purchase.

Get free shipping materials from the post office

I’m not sure how or why the Post Office does it, but if you’re worried about cost of shipping, Poshmark makes it so that it takes care of most everything for you. You can get free boxes from the post office sent to your home here (Poshmark uses Priority Mail Express) and then Poshmark will provide you with a shipping label as part of the Poshmark fee that each item incurs.

Ship your packages in under 2 days

One of the best ways to have your store rank higher for Poshmark is to ship your items in less than two days. If you have all of your shipping supplies ready to go and a printer and some clear tape, this should be super easy. If you don’t have access to a printer just keep in mind that orders can come through at any point and you want to make sure you fulfill them as quickly as you can.

Add a thank you note

Another way to get a 5-star rating from a seller is to include some kind of thank you note. You don't even have to hand-write each note. My friend Alissa makes these really cute downloadable thank you cards that you can customize, print out, and slip in your box. Super easy! I know my friend Aisha also likes to include beauty samples or other little gifts in her Poshmark orders and she says that she always gets a great response to that.


Photos by Victoria Saperstein

What are your best tips for selling clothing on Poshmark? Tell me in the comments!