8 Trips I Want To Take In 2019


If you’ve been around for a while you know that every year I like to write out my dream travel list on my blog. I often find that writing/sharing my goals with others keeps me accountable and ensures that I actually am able to meet some of them. If you want to learn more about how I actually stick to my travel goals, check out this blog post.

I was looking back at my 2018 travel list and I was able to check off almost everything! Last year I traveled to five new U.S. cities (click on any city name to read my travel guide for Austin, Miami, Charleston, Savannah, and New Orleans) and I finally made it to London to visit Nora! I had originally wanted to squeeze in a day or two in Edinburgh while I was in the United Kingdom but I knew that I would really love London and wanted to maximize my time there. I also wanted to check out Tulum but as you’ll see I have that on my list for 2019. It would be great to take a trip somewhere warm in the middle of this winter that has barely even begun, so I definitely have my eye on a trip somewhere closer to the equator.

I also always like to have a trip booked by the time I write this post (even if it’s not one that requires a crazy amount of traveling) and my first trip of the year will be to Philly! Andrew and I will be headed there in February to visit Matt and I’m really excited to spend a few days hanging out there. So where else do I want to go? Check it out:



Yup, it’s still on my list! I know at this point everyone is sick of seeing pictures of it on their Instagram feeds but that doesn’t deter the fact that I think it would be so fun to go there. I’d definitely want to check out the Mayan ruins and consume lots of matcha and açai bowls.

Seattle and Portland

I spent so much of last year conquering new cities in the south and I think the next territory I want to conquer is the northwest! My cousin just moved to Seattle so I’d love to plan a trip to see her in the summer (not right now lol) and explore the city. Doing Portland would also be awesome!


I went to Paris once when I was 12 and absolutely loved it but I feel like I’d have such a different appreciation for it now. My friend Miranda lives there and I definitely owe her a visit!


If I do end up going to Paris, I’d love to do a day trip to Brussels. It looks like such a cute city and I’d love to be able to visit a new country in Europe.


I can’t tell you how often I find myself scrolling through Pinterest and coming across stunning photos and I feel like nine times out of 10 they are of Lisbon or Porto. I’d love to visit Portugal and check out some of these amazing places!


I’m still on a mission to visit all 50 states (I’ve got 25 checked off so far!) and I feel like Vermont is a totally manageable trip to make for a long weekend.

Montreal or Toronto

I saw some photos of Montreal in the fall this year and though it looked so stunning! I’d love to be able to check that out, or also Toronto! Both are such easy flights from New York I feel like I can definitely make this happen.

St. Lucia or St. Barts

After going to Aruba a few years ago I feel like I definitely have to check out more Caribbean islands! These two are at the top of my list but are there any others that I should try to check out?


Where do you want to travel this year?