Shopping For Spring In The Freezing Winter

Why does the fashion industry love to torture us by letting us lust after spring clothes when it's freezing outside? Every once and a while there are a few days in winter where the weather is bearable enough to  take photos in a medium weight jacket (!!!) and I always take advantage of days like that. I picked up this pink suede beauty at the LF Sale and I see myself wearing it a lot this spring. I've been keeping an eye out for a cool spring jacket for a few weeks. The only criteria? Buy a jacket in a color other than black! It really is my default color, especially when it comes to outerwear but I made the commitment to spice things up. I know blush pink may not seem all that ~spicy~ in reality but it's a big deal for me. I met up with the lovely Laura to take some photos of it, and of course paired it with a black mesh top and patent leather boots. Here are some things to keep in mind as you start to shop for spring (as it like, snows outside):

1. Be wary of transitional pieces. I've talked about transitional pieces before and I don't think there's too much value to them in the long term. And let's be honest: winter is freezing until it snaps to spring all at once, so there's not much of a transition but rather a flip of a switch. That cut-out sweater is only going to be useful for a week, and we both know it.

2. Don't feel pressured to buy things in spring colors. I realize that blush pink could qualify as a spring color, but I bought this jacket because I saw a lack of colored outerwear in my closet and fell in love with the piece first and the color second. 

3. Wait as long as you can to buy things! I know for me at least, my enthusiasm for a piece of clothing is always the highest during the first few weeks that it lives in my closet. There are definitely pieces I've had for years where the enthusiasm never goes away, but it's the most fun during the first few weeks to experiment with styling an item with things you already have.

Photographed by Laura Ersoy | Follow Laura on Instagram

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