Five Things I've Never Done In New York

So now that I've just come back from one of the coolest trips of my life, I definitely feel like I've been bit by the travel bug. And since I can't exactly go running off to Europe every time I get the urge to explore somewhere new, I've decided that this year I'm going to make more of an effort to explore the place I actually live (oh hey, New York!) and go to some places I've never been before. Like, even down the street where I found this awesome graffiti wall. Some are more shocking than others (seriously, how have I never been to the Guggenheim?!) but they say you can live in New York your whole life and you'll still never see everything. So here are the things I'm hoping to cross off my NYC To-Do list this year that I've never done before:

1. Rent rowboats in Central Park

2. Check out World Trade Center Observatory

3. Go to Coney Island

4. Explore the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

5. Visit the Guggenheim

I'm not the best admittedly about organizing follow-up blog posts about this sort of thing, but I have a feeling if you follow along on Instagram you'll be able to see whether or not I follow through on some of these! Do you have any favorite spots in NYC that I may not know about?

Photography by Nikki Fraser

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