The 10 Coziest Corners on Pinterest

cozy pinterest cover.jpeg

As you probably know by now, I like to consider myself a Pinterest connoisseur of sorts. I majored in art history and while I didn't end up working at a gallery I can still sort of live out that fantasy on Pinterest, curating boards of content the same way you could group works for an art show. With Pinterest you can allow yourself to fall into very specific deep dives of pretty much anything, whether it's aspirational bathroom designs or beds that you want to crawl under the covers of, there's always something out there. It's my go-to place for interiors inspiration, and one of my favorite things to pin is little nooks or small spaces that have been transformed by just a few things to create the ultimate cozy corner. Here are ten of the cutest ones that I stumbled across in my most recent Pinterest expedition. 

All images via Pinterest

Which one was your favorite?