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Stop, drop and roll! There's a new Glossier product on the loose and I just got my hands on it. I did a similar post to this one when Body Hero came out so I definitely wanted to do one again for this latest release. Meet Solution: the latest edition to the Glossier skincare squad. If you've been a reader for a while, you know that my skincare routine is 98% Glossier. And while it’s true that my skin has been on its best behavior for the last year or so, that doesn’t exempt me from the blemishes, spots, pores and whiteheads that reappear from time to time. While Glossier’s Super Pure has worked well for me in terms of reducing size or severity of acne, at the end of the day it is a serum and not an acne treatment. Glossier’s mantra has always been skin first, makeup second—which may explain why I tend to prefer their skincare products and why I’m so excited for their newest launch.  Here’s everything I know so far:

The Unveiling

When Glossier announced Cloud Paint, it was first seen on the faces of celebrities on the red carpet of the 2017 Oscars and released to the public a few days later, and when they came out with Body Hero posters of barenaked ladies (lol) with the red Body Hero label covering their breasts in powerful poses were plastered all over NYC. So you can imagine my surprise when the latest addition to their skincare line slowly revealed itself in under 24 hours, sprinkled throughout my Instagram and Twitter feeds as casually as a photo of latte art or a meme. The lack of fanfare tells me what it seems like those who got early access already know—this product speaks for itself. Those who have tested it have claimed better skin in just four weeks. Intrigued? Same.  

The Packaging

In what may be my favorite packaging yet, Glossier opted to do something different for their first real acne-fighting skincare product. When I saw a photo of the product itself, a cylinder-shaped container with a flip top and a pump on the top to release Solution, I assumed it would just be sold like that, similarly to their product of similar size and shape, Invisible Shield sunscreen. But what’s more fun than that? Making a product look like astronaut food, of course. The packaging looks like a nutrition label which leaves lots of room to list what’s in it. This makes sense because of all of their products, this will surely be the one that people will be checking the ingredients of most rigorously, as those who have struggled with acne will know what does and does not work for their skin. Plus, it’s shiny and we like that.

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The Product

The treatment is different than most other acne products I’ve tried in the past. Rather than it being a glom-y substance that you cake on top of a spot, this is a liquid exfoliator that feels light and airy when you apply it to your skin. It goes on clear and you can feel it more than you can see it. Solution contains three acid actives, which work to brighten (AHA) reduce acne (BHA) and exfoliate your skin (PHA). The bottle is bigger than I thought it would be, holding 4.4 fluid oz., so it’s nice to know that you’ll get your money’s worth. It’ll set you back $24 ($28 if you opt to also purchase the Glossier-embossed custom cotton rounds but I didn’t do this) which for an acne treatment is not bad.

The Verdict

It’ll be hard to arrive at a verdict for this product until I’ve had the chance to use it over the course of a few weeks, but I used it last night before bed and my first impression is that I really like the texture and how it feels on my face. When I woke up this morning, the few zits that I have by my chin (stress + winter weather = breakout city) have gotten a little less severe and some of the redness I was experiencing has died down. I think this is a big moment for a brand that people have said is only for people with perfect skin, because they’re acknowledging that none of us are perfect but that they may just have the perfect—wait for iiiiiiit—Solution.

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